Friday, May 28, 2010

WTF Almost Two Years!

Sad but true it has been a long time since my last post. I never achieved the fitness goals I set out but learned some valuable lessons. Goals are important, but become useless when writing is an end in and of itself. Action is a much better indicator of success because it shows immediate results. Sometimes doing something based on instinct is just as valid as a planned attempt.

So what is the latest Mental Beat?

Do something immediately to see how it will work for you. Build a plan out of the natural process of doing that action. The plan will be organic and thus better suited to your work flow, style, and preferences.

Planning something in advance is OK if the plan is short. Long estimates are best avoided or broken into short lists of tasks completed within a foreseeable time, like a week or two. Work days are best divided into production and administration.

Production is any work on principal projects or billable time.

Administration is everything else.


Mr. Soul said...

Why not try horizon planning in two week sprints?

Matt said...

I will try that, thank you Mr. Soul. Combine that with the "Don't Break The Chain" idea.